Volpi Techno Energia

Volpi Tecno Energia has specialized in the production of generating sets for marine, land and shipbuilding use since 1933. The company from Muggia (Trieste) is a point of reference for the market thanks to the performance of its generators and an excellent ratio between power, noiselessness and compact dimensions. VTE produces its generators in production facilities in Muggia, Italy and exports them abroad, working with major shipyards and exclusive distributors all over the world. Established in 1933, Volpi Tecno Energia has always operated in the sector of diesel and petrol motors for naval shipbuilding use. The success achieved in the marine sector has led the company to specialize in the design and production of generators with ad hoc characteristics for vehicles (on land and water) requiring reliability and power in combination with the smallest weights and dimensions possible. Their objective has been achieved: since 1980, the company has been a product leader for the marine sector, producing generating sets exclusively in Italy and exporting them all over the world. Its generating sets deliver excellent performance and are the quietest, lightest and most compact ones available. The Paguro range of generators is a point of reference for marine applications: motor and alternator are water-cooled. The noise produced is thus drastically reduced in comparison with the traditional ventilation and, in addition, it is perfectly shielded thanks to the multilayered glass fibre shell. The same excellent result is also achieved with MOVE generators, the Volpi Tecno Energia brand dedicated to generating sets for vehicular, military and residential use. Technology, performance and 100% made-in-Italy quality are the same characteristics, which have consistently determined the success of the marine-dedicated range.